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Welcome to our website. Here you will find a collection of short health and lifestyle articles aimed at Irish women. We aim to address issues regarding the health of women in Ireland and factors that may affect their lifestyle. Whether you are someone who wants to engage with female issues and take better care of themselves, a pre-menopausal woman with no idea what to expect, or a lady on the brink of retirement, we cover a large quantity of the lives of Irish women. We provide answers, advice, questions, and interesting facts about the health and lifestyle of women in Ireland today.

The current state of health in Ireland is at an all-time low and as one of the worst in the EU, it is something we would like to change. People are living longer but certainly less healthy lives, filled with medical complaints and dietary problems. We provide tips and advice about diet, exercise, and general health for women in Ireland today.

As well as health, we are embracing issues particular to women. For many years, there has been a shroud over ‘women’s issues’ that is slowly being lifted. We want to open up about and embrace these issues to begin a dialogue among Irish women - and men - and put a stop to the hush hush. From natural processes like the menopause, to fertility, sex drive, and pregnancy, these are things that should be discussed more. It’s 2016, and we want Irish women to feel informed and in control of their bodies and their lives.

Furthermore, we provide dating and lifestyle articles, covering a wide area from sex drive in Irish women, to dating, to body image, and relationship advice. Our website has a huge scope of posts and tips, so take a look at what we have to offer.