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Róise Goan, Director, Dublin Fringe Festival Posted on September 10, 2023 by planirl

Róise Goan, Director, Dublin Fringe Festival

Róise Goan is the Director of Dublin Fringe Festival. Dublin Fringe Festival (DFF) is a curated multi-disciplinary festival and year-round organisation focusing on new and innovative approaches to the arts. DFF supports the development and presentation of new work by Irish and international artists of vision, nurturing artistic ambition and excellence across a range of art forms. An active curator, DFF provides an environment in which participating artists challenge, subvert and invigorate their disciplines and practice. DFF provides a context for work and demands audience engagement and dialogue. The scale and environment of the festival broadens arts participation, playing a vital role in the fabric of Dublin and Irish cultural life.

Prior to her appointment, she was the company director of Randolf SD and freelance producer with a number of Irish theatre companies. She worked at The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children and wrote for television including the award winning series Aifric for TG4. She spearheaded the development of Project Brand New, where she co-programmed showcases of new work in development at Project Arts Centre. She was appointed Director of Dublin Fringe Festival in 2008 and a board member of The Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s national theatre in 2011.

ABSOLUT Fringe runs from 8th-23rd September 2012. Tickets at www. fringefest.com

Because I am a Girl I ask…to be treated the same as my male counterparts – I grew up thinking that men and women were equal. It was a real shock to discover, at age 27, when I had been appointed as the CEO of an arts organisation, that The Boys Club was alive and thriving.

Because I am a Girl I believe…that there is a better way for modern society to operate and that we all have a responsibility, as citizens, to practice equality and social justice in our every-day lives.

Because I am a Girl I hope…that one day the representation of women in the media will change and that steps will be taken to ensure that the objectification and scrutiny of female bodies becomes a thing of the past, and that every woman calls herself a feminist.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…what will happen next? The world is big and full of exciting possibilities, and undiscovered joy.

Because I am a Girl I dream…of a rich and fulfilling life, a family, and making a difference.

Because I am a Girl I remember…how important friendships are, and how they carry you through the bad as well as the good times.

Because I am a Girl I like…seeing the world differently, through the eyes of artists, and through my work offering other people the opportunity to do so too.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…bureaucracy, and doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Because I am a Girl I feel…worried, excited, happy, sad, proud, defiant, embarrassed, angry and ecstatic – all on a daily basis.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…being different, being creative and finding new answers to old problems.

- Róise Goan

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  • Because I am a Girl...

    I have a much higher chance of making headline news - as a victim of rape, assault or murder. But because I am a girl I have the innate strength to carry on challenging the threats to my freedom.

  • Because I am a Girl...

    I rise to the challenge, and do the unexpected. I raise my voice so that I can always be heard. I push myself even when the little voices in my head are saying, sure you dont belong here, who do you think you are. I struggle on and dont alllow society to to label or box me because of the sex I am, the colour of my skin, my sexuality, my spiritual beliefs. I am, and I will.

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